Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions


USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC partners with Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions (GLMS) to provide the best in station maintenance and brand imaging throughout Michigan. As an authorized image contractor for Marathon, Exxon Mobil, Citgo, Sunoco, BP and Clark, GLMS provides installation and repair to keep your station in compliance. 

GLMS provides petroleum fueling equipment and maintenance to customers with 24-hour support including emergency on-call service 365 days a year.

GLMS offers a range of services including:

  • Financing for your repair and maintenance needs
  • Service and sales of petroleum dispensing equipment
  • Hydrostatic line testing and leak detector testing
  • Impact safety valve calibration
  • Maintenance and repair of release detection equipment
  • Tank cleaning services
  • POS upgrades
  • Canopy and lighting
  • Competitive pricing

GLMS specializes in servicing the following:

  • Independent service stations
  • Farms
  • Marinas
  • School systems
  • Commercial businesses
  • Major oil companies

We are a proud member of the Michigan Petroleum Association, and registered with State of Michigan Weights and Measures. GLMS is licensed and insured for workers compensation, auto, property, general liability, and pollutant storage liability.

Great Lakes Maintenance Solutions together with USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC is your formula for success. Contact us today.

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