Branding with Marathon 

When it comes to fueling, customers want a quick and easy stop with a brand they trust. A well-maintained service station will attract more drivers when variables such as price and location are the same. USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC has developed relationships with well-known and trusted brands, such as Marathon, allowing stations we service to benefit from branding tools that improve appearance – ultimately resulting in more traffic for your station. 



USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC will help you put your best foot forward when you brand with Marathon. Marathon stations feature state-of-the-art designs and features that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Your station will stand out from the rest with options for seamless integration of rewards programs to tap-and-pay options such as Apple Pay and Google wallet.

If you are looking for more than just a recognizable brand for your fuel station, Marathon is also a known leader in sustainability so you can feel good about your business’s impact on the environment. 



A trusted name in the Great Lakes region, the Marathon brand comes with built in brand awareness. Fuel customers are as loyal to their their brands as any consumer. And consumers are particularly loyal when their purchase will have an effect on an investment such as their vehicle. Choosing a brand identity such as Marathon for your gas station comes with built-in trust. As a leading wholesale fuel supplier for the Great Lakes region, USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC has programs and benefits to help you maintain that level of trust. Whether it is working to increase your brand presence, or general maintenance that shows your customers you care, we are here to help.

USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC is more than just a fuel supplier, we will work with you to increase your visibility and help you implement programs that increase brand loyalty resulting in increased sales. From basic gas station branding improvements to complete service station overhauls, USPP-Tri Lakes, LLC is ready to invest in you. The diversity within our client-base creates a constant flow of innovation that we share with all of the stations we serve, keeping you in the lead.

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